Bachelor project, self chosen topic, problem and platforms.

PLANTETIP is created as a single source to find all the information you need
to keep your houseplants happy and wellgrowning.
The project includes the main guide, a book, where you can choose between
the different species of plants, to provide the best and most qualified help.
Furthermore, it has a webpage, where you can see videotutorials
and purchase the needed materials.


The webpage offers videotutorials, purchase of materials, extra tips and tricks and more detail and in depth plant history.
To access the website, either on phone, tablet or laptop, you must scan the qr codes from the book.
Easy access directly on hand!


To create awareness around this helpfull tool, there will be banners around the city, and articles featured in women’s magazines and interior papers.


The book will be a series, where you can choose between all of your favorite species. The book will be divided into those topics, you are most likely to need help with. Placing, watering, propagation and fun facts. The book also gives you and overview of which special powers your houseplant possesses.